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DVD Cover Features include:
Film Trailer
"Find The Cost Of Freedom" Bonus Video
10 "Living With War" Music Videos
Tour Information
Cast Biographies
Optional English or Spanish Subtitles

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CSNY/DÉJÀ VU at Sundance:

      "Neil Young asked three of his friends to join him in singing songs of protest, and in filming the public's reaction to the four of them speaking out, as they have in the past. The reactions to four Americans speaking their minds, as shown in the film, are striking, and often troubling. Reactions to the film itself -- whether vehement or indifferent -- might be even more so." -- Evan Handler, Huffington Post

      "There were no faces without moistened or even reddish eyes, including mine. I can't recall the last time I've witnessed such emotional unanimity in an audience." -- David Leitner, Digital Content Producer

      "Making music, making fun of themselves and making as much political hay as possible, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young set out to alleviate the public allergy to Iraq War films with 'CSNY/DÉJÀ VU,' a doc that seems quite likely to effect a cure." -- John Anderson, Variety

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