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GREENDALE on DVD is now available!

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greendale, a film by neil young

DVD bonus features include:
"making of greendale" documentary
family tree and character bios
live stage performance of "be the rain"
song lyrics
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Director: Bernard Shakey
Producer: L.A. Johnson
Executive Producer: Elliot Rabinowitz.
Director of Photography: Neil Young
Associate Producer: Marcy Gensic
Edited by: Toshi Onuki

A Widescreen DVD presented by Shakey Pictures
Audio formats: dts 24/96 5.1, dolby 5.1, dolby 2.0 Distributed by Sanctuary Records Group Inc.

"A quintessential film, Greendale's inaugural DVD release is wonderful. The audio and video transfers are breathtaking, and the wealth of unique extra features only sweetens the deal."
              - - Mike Restaino,
              (complete text)

"SPLENDID! A touch of Raymond Carver, a hint of Sherwood Anderson... as full of crazy, honest life as anything Neil Young has done."
              - - A.O. Scott, New York Times

"Vibrantly colorful... 'Greendale' is somewhere between the true-believer sincerity of John Sayles and the oddball eeriness of David Lynch."
              - - Kevin Crust, Los Angeles Times

"Hauntingly memorable."
              - - Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

"Wondrously eccentric."
              - - A.O. Scott, New York Times

"Charming and moving... very likely the peak of his career thus far. One must hand it to Young for his ambitious achievement. Greendale grows richer the more one visits it. HALLELUJAH FOR A TRULY INDEPENDENT FILM!"
              - - Gregory Weinkauf, New Times

"MASTERPIECE!... Those who tumble into Young's allusive, passionately political fable are in for an adventure."
              - - Ray Pride, New City Times, Chicago

"A TRIUMPH!... Splendiferously primitive."
              - - J. Hoberman, The Village Voice

"A topical film in a year in which most American directors remain allergic to presenting a political point of view."
              - - Mark Caro, Chicago Tribune

"Raffishly lovable! This raggedy little movie begins to cast a spell... A burst of idealism and energy."
              - - Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

"I loved this film... so honest, spontaneous and unique. Neil Young is a genius."
              - - Cynthia Parsons, In Style Magazine

"Entrancing and moving... a minor masterpiece."
              - - Mark Rabinowitz, indieWIRE

"A LOW-FI MASTERPIECE!... The perfect marriage of music and images."
              - - Glenn Whipp, LA Daily News

"'Greendale' takes Young's creative zeal to expansive heights. It resonates with themes of idealism, a changing of the generational guard and small-town blues."
              - - Chris Macias, Sacramento Bee

"One of the most potent mergers of music and film that rock has ever produced! A more successful and complete artistic vision than 99% of even the most ambitious videos aired on MTV or VH1. BRAVO, NEIL. LONG MAY YOU RUN!"
              - - Jim Derogatis, Chicago Sun-Times

"PASSION AND IDEALISM! Greendale is a piercing examination of both American and global life that is, at times, critical, nostalgic, and ultimately hopeful, and the music is rockin'!"
              - -

"**** There is a freshness and immediacy to 'Greendale' that is quite startling. It may turn out that a 60's musician has come up with the most socially relevant film of 2004."
              - -

"Poignant and heartbreaking! Young's voice is a marvel... Sitting through 'Greendale' in a Dolby-equipped theater, at high volume with bone-penetrating bass, is an ideal way for Young fans to experience the rustic grandeur of the master's latest album, a serious achievement."
              - - Joe Brown, SF Chronicle

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